At MCP, we complete a range of Adaptations works in order to change people’s lives for the better. From walk-in showers, through to ramps and rails, we take great pride in adapting homes to then allow residents to remain living in the place that they’ve grown to love. With the help of Occupational Therapists, we ensure that the homes of the aging population and the long-term disabled are safe, convenient and also future proof.

We deliver a wide range of adaptation works and installations, including:

  • Wheelchair ramps and hand rails
  • Outdoor lights for improved visibility
  • Stair lifts and mobility aids
  • Repositioning and widening of doors
  • Walk-in showers and baths, shower seats and bath lifts
  • Safety alarms, including flood detectors, pressure sensors and gas and carbon monoxide detectors

We understand that all residents have different needs and our goal is to ensure they’re met to the highest possible standard and within realistic timeframes.