At MCP, we’ve ensured, for the peace of mind of our customers, that our established commitments are fully integrated into our policies. This means that we have the correct measures in place to ensure the correct procedures take place and are done so to the correct standard. If you’d like to know more about our existing policies and procedures, get in touch with us via the details on our contact page.

All of our staff here at MCP are DBS checked and trained in Safeguarding. We also ensure that when entering resident’s properties, our operatives are fully compliant with our procedures and strict Code of Conduct:

  • Clean and presentable (company uniform)
  • Clean and tidy vehicle
  • Carry and present your photo ID card
  • Wear adequate PPE at all times
  • Adequate protection to property
  • Maintain clean and safe workspace
  • Use of dustsheets
  • Measures to suppress and control any dust/noise, including hoovering as necessary
  • Incomplete work made safe
  • Explanation to residents when follow up works will be completed
  • Keep external/block entrance doors shut and not propped open
  • All access areas and walkways must be clear and free from trip hazards at all times including communal areas.
  • GDPR Policy 2020