MCP Community

As a business that serves the needs of people in communities, we actively seek to engage with local residents. We take pride in our caring and inclusive approach, constantly looking at ways to improve the service we deliver to our customers and ways in which we can engage the communities at grassroots level.

We provide opportunities for feedback through open meetings with community and tenant groups, aiming to keep customers informed and up to date through regular communications which include newsletters, notices and our RLO’s (Resident Liaison Officers). This helps us understand how we can limit any negative impact on local communities.

MCP make a great effort in understanding the customers we have the privilege of serving and being sensitive to their needs, through constant investment in our frontline staff and management alike by means of training initiative on topics such as Safeguarding, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Customer Care to name but a few. When we visit resident homes, we want them to be totally happy with our service which is why we encourage them to feedback after we have finished our work.

In addition to the work that we carry out in resident’s homes, we support a wide range of local projects that help improve the lives of people in the community, which gives us a great sense of satisfaction. You can find out more about our community work on our news page.