At MCP, around 65% of our turnover is spent on the procurement of goods, works and services, therefore playing a strong role in supporting local businesses and employment by spending as much as possible of a contract’s budget locally.

We also have a strong focus on local spend, labour and employment, adding value to the local community at every level and at every opportunity. We call this the “local” pound. We’re constantly striving to quantify the indirect economic impact our work is having on local communities by means of various models to measure this in the most accurate way to help us improve the positive impact we already have in the communities we work with.

At MCP we take our Corporate Social Responsibility extremely seriously, investing as much as of our resources as possible into community projects. We visit schools, colleges and attend career events to share positive experiences, promoting trades as a rewarding career to ensure that we upskill communities future generations. We also work with numerous tenant groups and housing associations that support young and vulnerable people, offering work experience and apprenticeships whenever possible.

MCP is committed to providing a first-class service to its customers and improving the lives of local people and those in the communities that we serve.