MCP help bring a little bit of Jamaica to Enfield community


It’s amazing what people can do when they come together and this summer we teamed up with our Clients Christian Action Housing Association (CAHA) and some of their residents at the Enfield Foyer to regenerate and create a fabulous new community garden from a bit of waste land.

In collaboration, we held a community day to create a Jamaican themed garden, a space for people to come together, grow plants and vegetables, have meals and even enjoy a bit of reggae!

We painted fences, recycled old wooden pallets and built fun seats, created borders and planted flowers, built a brick barbeque, and laid a shingle pathway, creating a fabulous open space for everyone to enjoy.

The community day was well attended by MCP, CAHA, Residents of Enfield Foyer and Paul Court Sheltered scheme, everyone pitched in to help out.

We had great fun helping to bring this unused space to life and it will now be a place for everyone to enjoy in the future.

Our thanks to all the members of our team who fixed fences, repaired the shed, build the BBQ, created raised vegetable patches and flower beds and built benches from pallets.  And thanks to all those who attended the Community Day, and worked hard to paint, plant and lay gravel, Christian Action HA, MCP, staff and Residents of Enfield Foyer that helped to bring this small but important garden to life.