At MCP, we enter people’s homes day in, day out; it’s a privilege that we never take for granted. With this privilege also comes a degree of responsibility, something that forms a large part of our staff training programme, including spotting signs of domestic abuse.  
Spotting signs of abuse isn’t easy, especially for people who aren’t trained. Councils, police and support groups often rely on members of the community to raise concerns because for victims it is incredibly hard to seek help without alerting their abuser.
For this reason, MCP Property Services is sponsoring the signpost window stickers and support information packs that are to be used as part of a campaign that is supported by Three Rivers District Council and the charities Hertfordshire Sunflower and Safer Places.
The J9 Domestic Abuse campaign is appealing for high street shops and businesses in the Three Rivers region to join a growing ‘network of eyes and ears’ to support victims of domestic abuse. Those taking part will become a J9 Community Champion and receive professional training on how to support people safely – 21 businesses have signed up so far but they need many more to take part. 
Following training, the sunflower logo can be displayed in their public windows to indicate to victims that it is a safe place to access information and use a telephone to contact support services.
The J9 Domestic Abuse Initiative was developed in memory of Janine Mundy, a mother killed by her estranged husband. "J9" is how Janine used to sign her text messages. The initiative, started by her family and Police in Cornwall where she lived, has since been rolled out countrywide.

Could your business be a lifeline for domestic abuse sufferers?

If you have a public facing business, the J9 sunflower logo could be a signpost to victims of domestic abuse, giving them access to valuable sources of help and advice. 

Your training will provide an opportunity to gain a better understanding of domestic abuse; how to recognise it, how to respond, and how to provide victims with a safe space where they can access support and advice. 

As a J9 Champion you will be able to provide much-needed support to colleagues within your organisation and beyond through practical help and support when needed. In return you will be given access to resources and further training and networking opportunities.


To find out more about becoming a J9 Community Champion visit Sunflower Champion or contact