Caring for people and the environments that we work in is part of our DNA. We firmly believe that we have a duty to run our business as sustainably as we can, not only to protect jobs but also to ensure that we make as little impact on the environment as possible.

Our Environmental, Social & Governance Policy guides our sustainability committee which includes representatives from all departments of our business. The Policy sets out how, through technology and innovation, we will minimise environmental impact wherever we work by:

• Reducing carbon emissions 
• Sourcing sustainable products 
• Utilising locally produced products 
• Minimising waste to landfill 
• Complying with ISO 14001 
• Achieving regulatory compliance

Establishing a baseline to achieve our sustainability goals

Our sustainability journey began with a full understanding of what energy we use, how it is used and our levels of waste. This baseline gives us a clear picture of where we started, our progress, and when we’ve reached our targets.

Our baseline data includes information from all areas of our business including

Fleet management – vehicle data, mileage, carbon emissions, usage

Waste management – on-site waste, office waste, material waste types, waste disposal, recycling

Carbon footprint
– documenting emissions from all energy sources

Harnessing technology and innovation to be more sustainable
MCP embraces technology in all aspects of our business; from tenant services through to automatic replenishment of material stocks. Our love of all things digital has enabled us to:

Reduce vehicle usage– digital technology allows our contract managers to balance on-site visits with remote inspections, reducing unnecessary travel whilst ensuring quality standards are  maintained

Improve efficiency – we are able to reduce travel times and costs by using technology to schedule teams and materials

Stock replenishment – our technology automatically orders required materials, minimising the need for operatives to visit merchants to source materials themselves.

Engaging the next generation with sustainability

Our apprentices are trained in all areas of repairs and maintenance so that they are fully equipped to work independently, however, we know that it’s just as important to teach them to work efficiently and sustainably.

One of our apprentices, Will James, was tasked by our Sustainability Committee to look at new ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions at our Head Office.

Will jumped right into the project by arranging for a lighting survey to be carried out. The survey assessed:

-        Bulbs
-        Usage
-        CO2 values
-        Costs

Lighting survey results

He then arranged for a local company to advise on alternative LED lighting and light sensors so that he could compare usage and savings. The findings were a real eye-opener!

Lighting currently emits 6,147 tonnes of CO2 and costs £11,500 p.a.

LED’s/Sensors will cut CO2 emissions by 60% and reduce costs by 75%.

New projects in progress

Will excelled in his sustainability project and he is now carrying out a similar exercise on our computer monitors. He is looking into monitors that emit less CO2 and they will then become part of a change programme to replace them as required. He also assessed that the cost of each new monitor can be recovered in just 6 months.

Other projects include researching EV van fleet options and installing car charging points for staff vehicles.

Our sustainability goals are now part of our daily routine. We have a way to go yet on our sustainability journey, and we will be sure to share more of our achievements along the way.