Voids – Reducing key-to-key times through high efficiency


Empty social housing properties are not only a financial burden for landlords and housing associations, they are much-needed new homes for waiting families.

Empty properties are known as voids and they can be single properties, an entire block or flats or an area of properties.  Single properties may simply need to be redecorated and have safety checks carried out, however some may require more extensive works, particularly if they have been vandalised.

Larger blocks of properties that may have been vacant for some time, may be part or full refurbishment works. This may include gas and electrical works, new bathrooms and kitchens and new flooring. Repairs may need to be carried out to windows and doors and for houses, gardens, fencing and even roofing works may need to be carried out.

At MCP, it is our job to ensure that voids are thoroughly inspected and quality works are carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible by our experienced team of tradespeople, helping to significantly reduce key-to-key times.  By providing a full Voids service team, we can minimise delays, project manage the entire project and ensure that quality is maintained at all times.

Our services include part and full refurbishments, damage works, deep cleans, rubbish removal, electrical works, heating, security, roofing, groundworks, repairs and redecoration and full safety checks, creating fresh new homes for local residents.