Grassroot relationships

As a business that serves the needs of people in communities, we actively seek to engage with local residents. We take pride in our caring and inclusive approach, constantly looking at ways to improve the service we deliver to our customers and for ways in which we can engage the communities at grass roots level.

Community Grassroots
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Part of the community

We provide opportunities for feedback through open meetings with community and resident groups, aiming to keep customers informed and up to date through regular communications which include newsletters, notices and our Resident Liaison Officers.

Resident focused

Taking the time to understand each resident whose homes we have the privilege of working in and being sensitive to their needs is of utmost importance to MCP. When we visit, we are committed to delivering a high level of service and we want residents to feel comfortable in their own home. To achieve this, we invest in training our entire workforce on customer care, covering topics on equality, diversity & inclusion and vulnerabilities. We also provide awareness training to recognise issues such as safeguarding and domestic violence. We encourage feedback once the job is complete to make sure that residents are completely happy with our service.

Residents Focused


At MCP we take our social value commitments very seriously and engage with a variety of local charities, providing mock interview support, work experience opportunities and ad hoc services including appliance installation for vulnerable residents. In addition, individual members of staff and in house teams participate in fundraising events throughout the year.

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