As a leading provider of property maintenance and repair services for the social housing sector, it is essential that we have a robust system in place to manage the volume and variety of requests that we receive every day from residents all over the UK.

Helping residents to better understand how the repair process works

As a resident, encountering a problem in the home can be worrying and stressful for some, so to alleviate any concerns and to make booking a repair easier for residents, we will be introducing a film that shows people every step of the repair process. 

The film will include:
·        A friendly welcome from MCP’s repairs centre 
·        How to report a repair and what happens next
·        Meeting the repair operatives, their authorised ID, and branded vehicles
·        What happens after the repair
·        The complaints or satisfaction feedback procedure
·        How to report online (a service option for customers)

 Filming is nearing completion so look out for the premiere – it’s coming to a home near you soon!