After almost 45 years of looking after social housing properties across the South East, our work has become as much about caring for people in the community as it is about caring for their homes. In fact, MCP has become well known for its many community support projects including:

·         Hosting local residents’ group meetings
·         Volunteering to refurbish community gardens and buildings
·         Apprenticeship programmes to attract candidates from all sectors of the community
·         Promoting safeguarding and domestic violence awareness
·         Sponsoring community events
·         Providing free trades services for vulnerable residents and on community projects
·         Fundraising for local charities

 MCP community work attracts dignitaries from across Hertfordshire

Our ‘open door’ approach and our passion for giving back to local people and communities have not gone unnoticed. In addition to a multitude of industry and community awards, we’ve also had the privilege of being visited by some important local dignitaries who have taken a personal interest in the work that we do in the community.

Among those who’ve recently visited our offices are a Lord, a Sherriff, and an MP. Each of them has been generous with their time and purposely came to learn more about the work that we do in the community and to meet some of our talented team members. 

Here’s a quick summary of the VIP visits that we’ve had recently:

Charles Cecil DL, Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire
Alongside Hertfordshire LEP, Lord Charles works to improve the number and quality of apprenticeship opportunities in Hertfordshire. Having heard about our successful and long-standing Apprenticeship Programme which trains and employs local people, Lord Charles visited our offices to meet and chat with three of our current apprentices who are employed in various roles across our business. He praised the work that we do to reach young people from all backgrounds, and for expertly training them, supporting them, and helping them to achieve a qualification whilst earning.  

Julie Marson MP for Hertford and Stortford

The MCP team was thrilled to receive a visit from Julie Marson MP in July. Julie was keen to learn more about our work, the many community projects and charities that we are involved with in her constituency and our apprenticeship programme. Julie enthusiastically spent time with some of our apprentices, asking them how they came to work at MCP and the jobs that they do, something that was really appreciated by the whole team. 

Sally Burton DL, High Sherriff of Hertfordshire
Appointed by Her Majesty the Queen to represent her in the County of Hertfordshire, High Sherriff, Sally Burton DL, works on matters relating to law and order and a wide range of public and voluntary sector and community services that help to make Hertfordshire a better place for everyone. 
In July this year, we were honoured by a visit from Sally who had heard how we make a difference to those living in social housing by looking after their homes with care and empathy, and by proactively engaging in community projects.
During her visit, Sally met with several members of our team, including two of our commercial trainees. We told her about some of the valuable projects that we have carried out recently, including installing a new defibrillator in a local shopping area, finding skips for residents, and how we support them with basic DIY skills.

The work that we do is always with the intention to make people’s lives better wherever we can, but when others take the time to drop by and take an interest in us, it makes our work even more worthwhile.