As a business that has proudly cared for people and their homes for more than four decades, we relish becoming a valued part of a community, and developing special relationships with our customers. One such partnership, is our 10 year contract with Housing for Women to deliver responsive repairs and maintenance. 

MCP were selected to partner with Housing for Women in 2021, following a rigorous tender selection process. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and the active role that we take in supporting residents were two key areas where MCP stood out.

Who are Housing for Women?

Housing for Women is a registered charity and independent housing association who provide affordable homes for women and their families, from all backgrounds, across London. They have a fascinating heritage that dates back to 1934 when they were an employment bureau who provided help and advice for unemployed women looking for work during the Great Depression. HfW opened their first hostel in 1937 providing short term stays, food, clothing, and respite to these women. Since then they have grown to provide affordable homes to over 850 women and their families together with specialist housing and support for women escaping violence, trafficking or on their release from prison.

Combining shared values to deliver good quality homes for women

In recent years, there has been an increasing need for homes for women and their families; spaces that are clean, and safe. HfW also offers specialist housing and support to women who are fleeing domestic abuse, providing a haven and total anonymity. This means that many women see these communities as a place to make a fresh start, meet new friends and regain their confidence.

As a highly respected repairs and maintenance provider in the social housing sector, trust is paramount. In addition to the respect and care that we show when carrying out works in people’s homes, our team are also trained to be mindful of vulnerable people and their needs. 

MCP’s role for Housing for Women residents

Our role is to provide HfW’s residents with a reliable, seamless, quality repairs and maintenance service for their homes. 

We carry out responsive repairs and routine maintenance for all properties, manage property voids and carry out major works, looking after properties in London boroughs including:

Kensington & Chelsea

MCP in the community

The part we love best - meeting residents, working alongside the HfW team, taking part in community events and focus groups, residents’ meetings, community projects and just being part of, and making a difference, in the local community.

MCP is proud to be working in partnership with such a unique organisation; we share their values, we care for people, and we want people to feel safe and happy in their homes. 

It’s why we all do what we do!