MCP open career path for people switching to a new career in trades 

The pandemic has affected everyone around the world in one way or another. Some of the hardest hit people are those that work in what was termed ‘non-essential’ sectors, leaving thousands of people with no income and in many cases, no job to return to. This disastrous situation has led many people to explore new career options and opportunities to retrain. 

With a much-publicised shortage of skilled tradespeople in the construction industry and building trades, the opportunity to learn new skills that could offer a life-long career is one that is becoming being increasing attractive to many.
Careers for newly qualified tradespeople

As a people-led organisation, MCP has a long history in giving people the opportunity to learn new skills. As well as running a hugely successful apprenticeship programme, MCP help people from all types of backgrounds to train, retrain, and become qualified in a range of specialist trades.

Looking after around 40,000 properties in social housing, MCP depend on a workforce of talented tradespeople. In addition to an exciting and varied career that brings great personal satisfaction and benefits, our skilled team enjoy being out and about in the community, working somewhere new every day, and meeting lots of fantastic people.

Newly qualified tradespeople need to put their new skills into practice soon after qualifying, and they need continuous support during their first years in the field, and this is where MCP excel. 

Through our Trainee Programme, we assign all newly qualified trainees with an experienced tradesperson who will shadow them in all that they do until they are proficient and able to go into the field independently. 
First steps to becoming trade qualified

For those looking to switch careers and learn a trade, the first step is to gain a qualification.  One organisation that is helping people is Access Learning, who are specialists in Electrical, Plumbing, Gas and Construction training.

Step 1 is live online theory learning

Step 2 is in-centre practical training

Step 3 is career and recruitment support.

MCP work with Access Training to provide career opportunities to newly qualified tradespeople who are ready to take their first role as a trainee – the first step to becoming fully skilled.

2022 newly qualified trades intake

MCP has already taken on four new trade qualified people this year who have switched careers for a bright new future as a skilled tradesperson.

Our new recruits include people from the airline industry, hospitality, sales and customer services, who have completed their Access Training and are now qualified electricians or plumbers.
Having proudly achieved their qualifications, the applicants attended MCP’s Head Office for a Careers Open Day where they met lots of our trades employees and had the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the roles we have to offer. We were incredibly impressed with their enthusiasm, and how much research they had done on our company before they arrived. 
We were thrilled to offer new roles as Plumbing Improvers and Electrical Improvers, but more importantly, they had all worked hard to start a new beginning in life; one that is secure, rewarding and hugely satisfying.

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